Google Update Increases Mobile Marketing Competition for Bergen County Businesses

02Everyone these days is addicted to their smartphones – including Google. In late April, the search engine giant updated its search algorithm to now favor websites that are “mobile-friendly.” Experts raised the alarm about more people becoming hooked to their digital devices as they surf the Internet. They call it “digital heroin” and “electronic cocaine” but somehow it’s better compared to being addicted to drugs. If you know someone who’s in need of healing, hope, and comfort regarding addiction, look for The Addicts Mom

Cyber Publishers works with small business, marketing companies, web design firms, and other businesses in Rutherford, NJ and across Bergen County to ensure they have the best mobile presence possible. We pay attention to the things you should – and shouldn’t – have on your smartphone and tablet-ready website.

Cool features to include on your mobile site:

  • Tap to call. We make it easy for users to simply tap your phone number on your website to dial your phone number.
  • Online ordering. If you own a restaurant, we can create an mobile-ready take-out ordering system.
  • Mobile shopping. Retail storeowners can rejoice when their customers are able to order products directly from their mobile website.
  • Flexible payments. We’ll help connect your mobile site to PayPal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and other user-friendly payment options.
  • Contact forms. Let your users send you a message right from their smartphones.
  • Maps & directions. Make it easy for your customers to find you by allowing them direct access to turn-by-turn directions to your storefront or office.

Some things to avoid on your mobile site:

  • Flash videos. Flash doesn’t work well with iOS devices.
  • Large files. Files and photos that are too big will slow down your load time.
  • Small text. Users shouldn’t have to zoom in to read text.
  • Hard-to-find information. Contact information, including phone number and address, should be very easy to find.
  • Lots of ads. Keep your mobile site clutter-free by eliminating unnecessary advertisements – and don’t even think about putting in pop-ups.

Cyber Publishers helps business of all sizes in Rutherford, NJ, Bergen County, and across the United States optimize for their websites for top search results – whether it be on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

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