Getting Your Business in Bethlehem, PA Mobile-Friendly

cyberEven if you aren’t tech savvy, you’ve probably searched at least once for a business on your phone. If the first few results don’t give you what you need, you might move on to the next one or give up entirely. Making your own business’ website mobile-ready is essential so your potential customers can find you easily, and get the information they need.

Before May 2015, it was detrimental to your company’s bottom line to not have a smartphone-friendly website. However, since the launch of Google’s new updated algorithm – that favors mobile-friendly websites in search results – not having an outstanding mobile website could destroy your online rankings. Now, the world’s leading search engine gives more authority to websites that are optimized for smartphone and tablets.

How do I make my website mobile-friendly?

You have a few options to ensure your site passes the Mobile Friendly Test from Google. You may choose Cyber Publishers to recreate your current website to make it responsive – meaning the desktop/laptop design automatically adjusts on mobile devices to fit the screen. Alternatively, you can have us develop a completely separate mobile website which is specifically optimized for smaller devices. Our team can help you decide which option is best for your business, depending on your current site and your target audience.

When working with your design and development team, they’ll ensure your images are sized properly, the content isn’t too wide, and links are not too close together so they can be easily tapped on a mobile device. We’ll also make sure that the text isn’t too small – Google favors websites that don’t require mobile users to zoom in to read. Small details like these help maximize your search engine visibility and ensure your visitors receive the best possible experience on your site.

Cyber Publishers helps businesses in and around Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and across the United States increase their web visibility. We work with web design companies, marketing firms, small businesses, and nonprofits to ensure they have smartphone and tablet friendly websites and a fully optimized digital presence.

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