“You Like Me; You Really Like Me!” Get Social with Your Social Media Strategy

First, some fast facts:

  • There are 325.7 million people in the U.S.
  • 8 million, or about 89%, of those people use the internet.
  • 7 million, or about 81%, of those people have some kind of social media profile.

If your company isn’t employing a social media marketing strategy, you’re losing the chance to reach a massive audience for your products and services.

But how can you make social media work for you?


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket; create a number of different profiles across a range of sites. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are a must, of course, but some of the most successful companies these days are utilizing Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit and Tumblr.


Now that you have all these sites set up, you need to reach out to your potential clients. Just sharing a blog or a news story might not be enough. You can create polls and quizzes, and you should be responding to people who comment on your posts.


If you sell pens, it’s easy to just talk about pens – but you need to expand past ink and paper. Cute pictures, infographics, memes: all of these are fun and different ways to explore why your product is important and useful. Share artwork created with your pens, or team up with a local craft shop and advertise that teamwork online. It’s all about expanding your base, and you can do that no matter product or service it is that you’re promoting.


Now that you’ve got yourself a nice little community of followers, make sure that your posts are still relevant to their needs, and that your web content reflects those needs. Your social media persona can different from that of your website, but find a way to tie them in together so that your branding stays consistent across all platforms.


If you want people to follow you, you’re going to need to follow back – to some extent, at least. You can follow your colleagues and your friends, or other companies who work within your industry but aren’t in competition with you for sales. We’d also recommend following any trade magazines or publishers, as well as any local and community organizations. (You never know when a local fundraiser will need a pen, right?)

Most social media sites allow you to join for free, but as a business, you’ll want the upgraded account. It doesn’t cost much, but it will offer perks that a free account doesn’t.

What types of information should I share?

Now that you have your profiles uploaded and public, you need to decide what to do with them – and how often you should be on there. In order to stay relevant, you’re going to need to share often, but that doesn’t man you have to post every single day on every single site. The kinds of information you share, though, can be as varied or as specific as you are:

  • Links to new information on your site
  • Ads or flyers for sales or special promotions
  • Links to charitable organizations you work with – especially fundraiser events you take part in for their cause
  • News stories that affect your type of business
  • Funny memes or pictures (as a general rule, keep your content PG unless your company calls for more than that)

Your website is supposed to showcase what do you, and how well you do it. Your social media presence is supposed to be social, so engage with your target audience however you can. You’d be amazed how easily those posts can convert into people who need your products.

Build your brand across every platform

A&E Cyber Publishers offers comprehensive online marketing packages designed with your goals in mind. If you’re ready to put your social media marketing strategy to work for you, then it’s time to give us a call. For more information about our services, please call 610-227-6166 or fill out our contact form today.

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