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More Than Just Colors: How Your Website’s Design Enhances Your Brand

We all know that having a website is essential to running a successful business. After all, half the population of the world is online at any given time. And given how quickly we all navigate from one site to the next, depending on our needs or whims, having a site that stands out and draws people in is imperative to any good business plan.

This is why the design and structure of your website is critical to its success. But why pay a company to build your side when you can do it yourself, and save all that money upfront, right?


Great web design is like great art: you know it when you see it. But effective web design is far more than that; it’s able to create an easy-to-use space that brings potential clients to the information they need, all while emphasizing your brand and your message. This is important because on average, you only get a minute to capture people’s attention.

What makes great web design?

Think about the “best” websites out there – the ones you visit over and over. These are the sites with the best user interfaces – the ones that allow web users to find what they need easily and quickly, without a lot of fuss. They all have easily-identifiable logos or branding. They put the most important information on the main pages, so you can access it at any time.

The best web designs:

  • Work hand-in-hand with your company’s message
  • Cut down on load speeds
  • Support the content on the page
  • Allow for consistent, easy navigation
  • Use a font that syncs with your brand
  • Anticipate how your audience will move throughout the site
  • Have a distinct logo
  • Use a color palate that reflects who you are

Why these elements work

Color affects how we view things. Red is an aggressive color, but pastels and muted tones are more soothing. Black, white and greyscale can either reflect a more business-like persona or a more slick, modern look, just as sepia inspires nostalgia and reflection. So while your color scheme is important, it’s not the only thing that goes into a beautiful design.

The right font, for example, can make or break your site – especially if there is a lot of content. Font falls into two main categories: serif, which has distinguishing features, and sans serif, which does not. Times New Roman, for example, if a serif font; Arial is sans serif. And while both are relatively easy to read, the one you choose may influence how people view your company. Serif fonts are considered more traditional; sans serif fonts are considered more modern.

Who knew font mattered, right?

Your web designer should. A great web design considers ALL these visual elements, and then uses them to create a consistent, easy-to-use design that fits with your company’s personality. It gets rid of all the clutter and click-bait that draws a user’s eye from the main message of your business. And it ensures that your mobile site is just as responsive as the site people would use on their desktops, making it easy for potential clients to switch from one to the other.

Interactive and responsive design made easy

A&E Cyber Publishers puts the power in your hands, by creating UX designs specific to your needs. If you’re ready to take your website to the next level, we’re ready to help. Please call 610-227-6166 or fill out our contact form to discover how we can help you grow your business.

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